Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Johnson City Ride Day 1

I had a plan, kind of. I wanted to stop in Gettysburg, check that out and I needed to be in Gray TN on Friday at 4-5ish. I wanted to leave predawn at 4 ish so I could get into Gettysburg early afternoon and play tourist. Then ride some more. I had a mind that I wanted to ride the mountains as much as I could manage. That was it. That was the plan.

Day 1

Well the improvisation started early. I woke up to a hard rain and a forecast of snow at higher elevations. Predawn was out, I’m sleeping in. When I finally hit the road there was cold drizzle that dwindled to a raw overcast. The conditions were a little bleak but my spirits were high. I’m on vacation with many miles of new roads to ride, people to meet and places to see.

I ran into some snow on my approach to Bennington VT. The road was clear and the snow accumulated on non asphalt surfaces. My electric clothing was on and I was quite comfortable. I decided to stop for a photo op near Woodford VT.

I rode through VT and upstate NY down Rt88 to 81 into Pennsylvania All slab all the way to Gettysburg for about 500 miles. It stopped raining and the sun broke out late in the day. It was uneventful. I found a fleabag motel to shack up and a local bar with the World Series on. I had a couple of cold ones, some buffalo wings, watched the game then called it a night.

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