Thursday, June 26, 2008

Laconia "08" It was as fun as I wanted it to be.

Another Laconia bike week is in the books. By all accounts attendance is down this year. I felt the same way last year. All the Monday morning quarterbacks will debate the reasons why this is so. Weather, Police presence, economy, scheduling, same old thing, combination, whatever,

I went up for a couple of nights and had a good time. I camped out at Hawg Hill where the hospitality was great. I partied a bit and I rode a bit. I was ready to go home when I did as I always do. The feeling this year certainly was subdued. I think in general everywhere people are feeling subdued. I know I do every time I pick up the paper or fill my tank. It’s a sign of the times. There were fewer venders in Laconia and the lines were quite a bit smaller. It was a down year for sure. Things I hear about Daytona and Myrtle Beach are similar. It’s just the way it is this year so get out make your fun the best way you can with what is available. Everything really is what you make it anyways.

A few pics :)

A rounder ride?

Partying at "The Spoke"

Ready to go home

Monday, June 16, 2008

Loud Pipes Save Lives?

It’s 1:30 AM on a warm night and I’m sleeping in bed with my windows open. I wake up to hear it coming from what seems like a mile away. Louder... louder... louder! Holy shit I think my windows are actually rattling! What an asshole I’m thinking. Who the hell needs pipes that loud on the street. Loud pipes save lives? If I could have gotten a hand on the jerk with those pipes, they may cost him his. Now I’m not an anti loud pipes guy. It’s not like my bike is particularly quiet. Mine are baffled and pass legal limits in NH at 103db which is fairly loud but my Supertrapps are not un-baffled drag pipes loud. There is a local movement in individual communities to crack down on these bikes. There should be. IMO they are totally ridiculous. The latest is the nearby town of Milford. There is a lot of buzz about their crackdown. Unfortunately if we can't in the biker community show some restraint then local communities will force something much more extreme down our throats. Something along the lines of No exhaust modifications from stock of any kind. Something most of us would prefer not happen. Unfortunately I doubt we can show restraint. So enjoy your mods, I don't think it will be long before they are outlawed.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mount Washington Auto Road

If you are ever riding in New Hampshire here is a must visit. The Mount Washington Auto Road to the Summit. Last weekend Gail and I decided to go up. I must confess I have never been to the summit. What a mistake. I really need to do this again.... and again.

The day was hot and sunny in the mid 90s at the base. At the summit at 6200+ ft it was a cool and a very comfortable 61 degrees. The ride up was exciting with incredible views. It wasn’t long before we were above the tree line and the excitement level went up dramatically. No shoulder or guard rails with a drop that makes your head spin. Wahoo, what a ride!

The Auto Road. If your not careful the views will draw your eyes away from where you need to be looking

Gail took a lot of pictures

A gentleman from Amsterdam said "If there was one place I had to go when I came to America it was here to see this locomotive" He actually said that. He did of course admit that he was a live steam train nut :) The Cog Railway

The auto road

You don't see many houses chained down so they won't blow away. This is the location of the highest recorded wind in history

The view from the top is incredible
If you want to see what is happening up there now. Here is a link to their Webcam network

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My hair has been thinning for a while. I decided to try something new. It was a radical move but the early critiques are in an they are mostly positive. Would you believe alcohol had nothing to do with it? Well here is how it went down.
Me; "My hair is getting so thin"
Gail; "Yes hon it has been over the last few years"
Me; What do you think about me shaving it off?"
Gail; "I'd support that, go see Abdul (My hair guy) and do it"
Me; "I'm not paying someone to shave my head, you up for it?"
Gail; "Ok"
Me; "Let's go"
An hour later I looked like this.What do you think?