Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 2 PM Welcome to Virginia


I stopped for a bit of lunch and grabbed my mandatory food porn shot.
Mmm very tasty
Lunch On The Road

I looked up and wow I can’t remember the last one of these I've seen.

Down Rt 15 I went, crossed into Virginia and worked my way down into the Shenendoah Valley. The farms and rolling hills were beautiful
Shenendoah Valley Farm

I went down some roads off the beaten track and wound up on this beauty of a bridge.
Surprise Bridge

Then there it was the entrance to Skyline Drive.
Shenendoah Park

Wow! This is how I spent the rest of my day.
Skyway View

Skyway View

Skyway Road

Skyway Road


I finished the Skyline Drive at dusk. I was hungry and tired. The roads were twisty and the views were breathtaking. Another motel in Waynesboro and some guy food that wasn’t worthy of pics, a good nights sleep dreaming of the possibilities of day 3