Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall vacation ride 08, Wahoo!

Time to plan my vacation

My vacation time is approved for the end of October and I'm riding to Johnson City Tennessee. Gail is going down for an BMWMOA event and I decided I'm riding down to meet her. I've plotted my first potential route. It comes in at just under 1100 miles of what looks like great mountain riding. I can't wait! I'm sure I'll tweak the route a bunch before I go but you gotta start somewhere.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sometimes Darwin is just plain wrong.

Some idiots actually make it somehow. I have no idea how this guy made it to 51.

This happened near where I live on Saturday.

WMUR Article and video

"WILTON -- Carl Hannigan, 51, was riding eastbound on Route 101 in Wilton Saturday afternoon when he stood up on his seat, according to police, and witnesses watched with horror as Hannigan fell off.

Hannigan suffered serious head and leg injuries. He was flown via Life Flight to UMAss Hospital in Worcester Massachusetts. As of Monday morning, Hannigan was listed in stable condition.

Police are still investigating the incident."

I have a news flash for you Carl, You aren't Indian Larry and he died pulling this stunt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wearable Motorcycle

How cool is this!

If they ever want to build it and need someone to test it. I'm their man!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Murky riding in Canada

This summer has been rainy in the Northeast. I mean every day it rains. I thought this weather belonged in the great northwet. It certainly was a factor in my ride to Canada. My Rounder friends Blueknight (Mike) and Knight's lady (Jane) invited us up to Bouctouche New Brunswick to their new home for a house warming. The trip would be three days for me as I was planning on riding up over two days returning in one. Friday started overcast with some small breaks in the clouds but at lunch the rain came. It rained here and there the entire trip up and back. It wasn't a washout, just an hour or two here and there. I had good rain gear so it was very manageable. The route took us up rt95 to Augusta where we headed inland to acquire Coastal Rt 1 to Lubec Maine where we overnighted. Traffic was light and the ride uneventful so by late afternoon we were at West Quoddy Light.
After the stop we were only a mile or so from Cohill's Inn. We checked in to a nice clean room and went downstairs to the pub for a cold adult beverage (or two, or three) and a decent meal.
Saturday morning dawned foggy and rainy. The trip would take us into Canada for a couple of ferry rides and onto our hosts for a great welcoming. The beer was cold, the wine flowed, the food was excellent. Their home is warm and inviting. It was over all to soon. Sunday was for slabbing. Leftlane (Tom) DPRyan (Dennis) and myself rode a quick pace all the way to Newport Maine where I left them for a nice visit to my Aunt whom I hadn't seen in a long time, too long. She owns a Hunt Preserve. What an operation, the deer are awesome. Unfortunatley I paid for it in bad weather. It pretty much rained on me the rest of the way home while my friends (who had continued on) stayed dry. Oh well.,I really did have a great visit and it was well worth it.