Monday, January 26, 2009

Riding in Germany

This video is from a fellow Rounder Winterbiker from Germany.
The windterride

Man those hacks look like big fun in the snow.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Ride

I sweated this one out as it was late in coming

I have been eyeballing today for a ride for the last few days. I scoped out the avenues in and out the last couple of days trying to determine which way was doable. I thought maybe Sunday.... just maybe... I woke up this morning and saw brilliant blue sky. The kind of sky during the month of January you [b]know[/b] is cold. The thermometer read a balmy 10F. Just right for a ride (if your a Rounder)

Breakfast was done, I was ready to head for the garage to gear up and my cell phone rang. My work cell phone. Oh dang! That's never good. It was the alarm Company. We had a perimeter breach and an interior motion. Someones in my store! Roll the cops and I'll be right there! WTH I might as well gear up and ride there. So that's what I did.

January Rideresize

The ride was uneventful other than the fact that I was about 20 over the whole way there (about 50 miles). Although there was that stretch of road near a carwash where I needed to be on the other side of the road. Good thing there was no oncoming traffic at the time. I pulled into work and there were two cop cars there shooting the breeze waiting for me. The front door to the store was unlocked and there didn't appear to be anyone inside or anything missing or damaged :dunno: I locked the door and thanked the LEOs for coming. We wound up chatting out front about riding (one had an 03 Road King) and the fact that I'm probably 5 beers short of a six pack for riding today.

At work in Januaryresize

I cursed my guy who was supposed to lock up on Friday and fired up the bike and headed back. I enjoyed a leisurely ride home. I was comfortable and smiling as I pulled into the garage. January is in the books and it was as good a destination as any. No harm no foul. I called my guy and gave him a heads up. " Man you didn't lock the door" "Yes I did!" He says. "I pulled on it to check". I say "We'll talk about it tomorrow, don't worry, no harm came of it and I got a ride in, Have a good rest of the the day and we'll cover it tomorrow"

I went to my daughter's play. My cell phone went off and it was the alarm Company. Front door breach and interior motion alarm. WHAT?!! I tell them to roll the cops and I call my guy and ask him if he can run over as I'm in the middle of my daughter's play. "Wait for the cops and have them go in first"

It turns out that the owner of the building had been going in and out of my store turning off and then on the water main without calling us. They were remodeling another unit in our building. He has a key but no alarm code.

I still had a nice ride though. I won't mention that when I chat with the building owner tomorrow. ;)