Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Morbid Fascination

What is this morbid fascination with motorcycle fatalities? On the forums I frequent there are often reports of MC fatalities. Members line up and express their sympathies. Then some asshole jumps in and breaks down the accident and expresses his opinion on what he/she could have done different and how that could never happen to them because they are just so awesome on their bike. I have a news flash. Accidents happen whether your riding your MC, commuting in your cage or eating at McDonalds. Sometimes bad things happen no matter how awesome you are. I just happen to be thinking of this because I read a post about an accident in Maine where a cage was stopped taking a legal left and some riders went down when they came up on it. In my minds eye I see a bunch of bikes going this way and that trying to avoid the car stopped after a sharp turn and down they go trying to avoid the cage, other hazards and each other as all hell breaks loose. Many things could have gone different but you know what, they didn't. Bad things happen sometimes and someone got hurt and someone died. Life sucks that way. It's sad, it's a tragedy for the families, the riders and the cage driver in the wrong place at the wrong time. There isn't anything good about it and there isn't any words of wisdom that I could impart that will make it different.

I had a fairly bad high-side about two years ago. It sucked and it hurt. I made some mistakes and I did some things right. I had about 2 seconds to make my decisions and my move. Sure, if I did this or I did that maybe things would have gone different, maybe better, maybe worse...who knows. I don't and I was there. What I do know is you won't see me second guessing someone else's accident and commenting on how that could never happen to me because I'm so awesome.


EC135CrewDog said...

Kevin, you did almost everything perfectly, and we who know and ride (rode?) with you are darned glad you did.

Are you sure you didn't stage that so you could justify the new motor?? :)


Mongo said...

Hey Steve, Good to hear from you!

Sometimes good things come out of bad situations.;)
Sometimes I'd rather be lucky than good.