Sunday, March 30, 2008

SYRRUP (Show Your Roundness Round Up) RTE

Today Gail and I hosted the annual SYRRUP ride at Parker’s Maple Barn. Gail decided she wanted to ride pillion today and shoot some pictures from the back.

Eight Rounders showed up on 6 bikes. Considering the snow, ice on the ground and in the roads it was a very good turnout.

The day was bright and sunny with temps in the 40s. Good thing too as my electrics decided not to work. I found a bad connection while we were waiting for our table and I was able to get them going but Gail and I didn’t need to plug in for the ride home.

It was a long wait as Parker’s Maple Barn was jammed so we hung out, told lies, jokes and listened to our stomachs growl. Finally after an hour and 20 minutes we were able to sit down and I just could not resist the Parker’s special. Mmm Food porn...

So after brunch (it was now afternoon) we hopped on the bikes and headed out in our different directions for our rides home.

The ride home was a fairly uneventful except for an icy patch on the road out. It was a butt pucker moment that faded fast in the brilliant blue sky and bright March sun.

Speed Safe!

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