Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Mother nature is cruel.
Today is my birthday, I'm 39 for the 4th time. Guess what mother Nature brought me today? 2-4" of snow,
wow . Thanks, do you have a receipt for this? I don't like the color. I always buy myself a little something for my birthday. This year I acquired a Creative Zen 4GB mp3 player and an 8gb SD-HC card for it. So far I love it. It has a nice big screen that has enough resolution and speed to do movies. It charges quick and seems to last through what I need to do with it. The menu is fairly intuitive and the buttons make sense. I picked up a skin and screen protector on Ebay for short money and now I'm ready to take it on the road. I really like to listen to music when I ride and audio books at the gym. This gives me the versatility to do it all in one player with room to grow. I purchased it from with free shipping for around $80.00. The SD card from Ebay for $33.00 including shipping.

The Rounders annual SYRRUP Ride to Parker's Maple Barn is on Sunday. It looks like the weather will be ok, just a little cool. I'm really looking forward to it. I just need to keep from ordering the ridiculously large Parker's Special.

Mmm Parker's special......

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